· 2019

An interactive sound environment defined by a ceiling array of microphones, audio input analysis, and synthesis that is directly driven by that analysis. The project was created to augment a Deep Listening performative environment and gauge the perceptions participants had in collaboration with the system.

Extending what it hears, the system generates an environment in which its output is a product of ambient sound, feedback, and participant input in a cooperative sonic performance.

Players and the system are asked to perform the Tuning Meditation, one of Pauline Oliveros' text scores in which participants alternate making tones and matching tones that another player is making. Next, the player will make a tone no one else has made yet, and this cycle continues until a natural end.

Play sessions and follow up surveys were conducted and responses tended to show an understanding of the system as a cooperative member of the performance group with one player noting “the electronics held (the) same importance as other performers”.

DisPerSion.eLabOrate was presented in Marseille, France on October 15th 2019 as part of the Embodied Musical Interaction special session within The 14th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR).

CMMR 2019 Paper: [PDF]

VSL Class exhibition
System ui
System logic and signal flow diagram