The Hours Lost

 · 2021

More details coming soon!

The Hours Lost is a virtual interactive installation centred around personal experiences of COVID-19, providing an outlet for public sentiment, reflection, and projection towards the future following the globally shared cultural disruption of the pandemic by Rory Hoy, Filiz Eryilmaz, Raechel Kula, Zian Liu, and Jonathan Silveira.

Visitors may navigate through the space populated by an audio corpus of recorded experiences, triggering the playback of these fragments of sound as they move. The piece consists of three structures spaced equally within the environment, aimed at a varied temporal frame (past, present, and future).

Navigating into one of these structures results in the playback of a complete recorded experience from a “character”, a chosen participant sourced before the staging of the work. Visitors may also contribute recordings of their own experience within each of the structures, which are then analyzed to become new traversable sonic material for the audio corpus. Through the accompanying AR app The Hours Lost allows visitors to see the grain-like structures of audio they are triggering and fellow remote participants.