· 2018

Lucid is a VR Puzzle and ambient exploration game which places players on floating islands each with their own individual goals and secrets to discover. The project was developed as a group capstone for the York U Digital Media Undergrad alongside Sam Bebenek, Nick Erkelenz, and Zachary Shron.

Players traverse the world in a first person view upon a hoverbike, moving across the terrain to one of the 2 puzzle islands or central hub. Attempting to collect each of the crescent moons in order to win, they must complete puzzles and traverse obstacles to claim the prize. The first island contained a lab-like structure in which a specific sequence of runes needed to be struck to reveal a central podium. The second island included a maze which players needed to avoid detection from surveillance systems or risk being sent back to the initial spawn location.

Unfortunately, most of the documentation seems lost to time... but I am attempting to find some more!

The project was on display at the 2018 Level Up Showcase, and additionally hosted at the 2018 Digital Media year end show at Electric Perfume.

Electric Perfume Performance setup and Lucid on screen
Level-Up Showcase 2018 Crowd