Transmissions of 3

 · 2018

Transmissions of 3 is a combinatorial/database film created in Max questioning how one perceives narratives constructed from a database, and the viability of narrative structured by algorithmic formulation, resulting in a unique outcome upon each play.

Two video streams run in tandem, dictated by luminance and energy respectively. These parallel video streams are accompanied by generated audio mapped from these qualities, which is then analysed and inverted to determine the following clip for each other stream.

A bright high frequency sound generated from the luminance stream will result in a slow/still video for the energy stream. The continuous cycle of inverting qualities and spatial arrangements hints towards a narrative generated from the corpus of sourced and recorded video material, exploring continuity derived by juxtaposition.

Playing on themes of temporality, Transmissions of 3 frames the future as uncertain and nebulous through remnants of past video content and vacant spaces.

A still of one generated runs of the system